Friday, October 06, 2006

Still searching for a charity

I'm way impressed to see how quickly all of you managed to find a charity - and some of you have already finished the first projects, wo-how! I can't believe what a difference there is to charities overseas and ours here - here they'll collect clothes and stuff too for various reasons, but as I saw it on their webpages, they're not particularly interested in self-knitted items. Huh? Why not?

Then I contacted our local women's shelter if they're in need of something knitted - and would you believe it, the mail that I got back wasn't very friendly indeed. They said they'd need money, not anything knitted - sh**, they made me feel like a dumbo.
I'm still waiting for an answer from the local hospital, perhaps they'd need some little hats and stuff for babies born too early (once more I don't remember the correct english word for it). If I get one more answer like the one from the women's shelter, then I'll be molto-frustrated and will be heading for one of your overseas charities. If they don't want my stuff here - to hell with them ;(
Thanks for reading my rant, I needed to get that off my chest!

Onto a happier topic - my boys played against one of the "biggies" last night and totally messed up the first 40 minutes - it seemed they were non-existant, they were back 2:0 and no one would have given a dime on them anymore.
Then the last period started and voilá - our new darling Canadian Christian Sbrocca (he's a singer too, having released 2 CDs in Canada already) showed what he's up to - goodie! They scored 4 times in 2.22 minutes and won the game - hallelujah!


Zarzuela said...

That's so crappy! Apparently no one has shown them the ways of knitted goodness. Keep trying, but like you said, there are plenty of other places you can send your hard work.


twig said...

Wow that stinks about your luck so far with the charities. Maybe the premature babies at the hospital will need some hats.

HCI seems to have gotten their stuff together over the break. Let's hope they keep playing well.

denyse said...

Afghans for Afghans ( urgently needs sweaters in the next couple of weeks to send off with a scheduled shipment. Other than that, they generally look for 100% wool hats, mittens, socks, sweaters, vests. Not scarves.

A rude response is not helpful, on any level! However, I have seen some things that get left at Salvation Army or Goodwill -- horrible quality. And frequently just junk that the owner wants to get rid of. We know that's not you! But maybe the shelter just got some really horrible stuff - in neon orange yarn. No cause to be rude, certainly, but .... :-)

I am having a terrible time getting good hockey down here (Missouri) except when the Blues are playing someone at home, so I'll lurk rather than formally join the Hockey Knitter's KAL if that's okay. (And I'm sure I'll NEVER be able to find curling on TV now that the Olympics are over!)

twig said...


You know you can listen to the games on Once you get used to it, it's not hard to follow along. Of course, it helps if you choose one team and listen to their games because it always helps to know, when the play by play announcer says "SMITH SCOOOOOOORES" who Smith plays for.

Not An Artist said...

That sucks Dipsy! I wish I could help with alternate suggestions but even with all the charity knitting opportunities here in Canada I still ended up choosing a US charity myself.