Saturday, October 14, 2006


My hockey knitting is going slowly and I know why, it's the yarn. Red Heart Super Saver. My knitting group was graciously given a boatload of yarn and I picked the wrong stuff. I imagine all knitters are a very tactile group, so if you have knit with this stuff you know what I'm feeling, a very hard abrasive yarn. Since I don't like the feel, I don't want to pick it up and work with it, but since I started the project I should finish it. I picked it up with very good intentions, its colors remind me of camouflage and when I see what friends knit they usually knit something for little girls so I thought I would do something for a little guy. I'm bound and determined to do this one and then never speak of this yarn again.

This picture was taken earlier this week I am significantly further and was knitting away on it while watching MFB's Leafs loose the game by giving up a three goal lead (yes they should be red faced about that) and lost in the shoot out. I also was working away on it while in the arena waiting for the Penn State Icers season home opener to start last night. The Icers defeated Scranton 4-2 but there were some anxious moments on the way to the win.

Tonight we have on tap Leafs vs Flames on TV and tomorrow afternoon I'm at the arena watching the Icers against Navy. I'll get about an hour of knitting time there before the game.


twig said...

I feel your pain as far as the Red Heart goes. In my crochet days I used to use that alot and I really liked it. Now I find it too much of a chore to knit with.

The colors are nice, though. I'm surprised that Red Heart hasn't jumped on the bandwagon to make a lot of different type yarns. Well maybe they have but I haven't seen it around here.

Dipsy D. said...

Oy! From the photo I can't really see how horrible that yarn is to knit with, but poor you, I can relate to that! The colors look lovely though, but what a pain it must be to work with! Fingers crossed that this task will soon be done for you, and then you'll get to enjoy some really fluffy and cozy and soft yarn again!