Sunday, October 22, 2006

A game and the start of a hat

I'm not sure why exactly we start off the season by sacrificing a poor Canadian college team, but we do. Last night's game ended in a score of 11-1. Or as someone had put it, we even won in binary! Yes, we're all a bunch of geeks who catch the internet broadcast and chat online during the game. On the other hand, York had already lost a game earlier this season in a score fo 15-1. Ouch. Unfortunately, this game by no means is a good indicator of how our season will be since the guys have only been skating for a week (damn ivy league rules) and after last season, we lost some guys to graduation, our offense was anemic, and we lost our starting goalie and top defensemen to the pros.
It only makes me feel slightly better that Sasha Pokuluk is playing in Hershey under the Caps' system. Slightly, only slightly. Like I said, Cornell first, then the Caps.

This week, Thursday we have a game against Robert Morris and a game Saturday against RIT. The season is just beginning and league play starts the following weekend vs. Yale and Brown.

I'm going to Florida between Christmas and New Years for the annual hockey tournament. Got my tickets, got a room, got at least one friend going. Participants this year are Maine (with us there always), UNH, and UMD. Should be a fun weekend!


barbp said...

Heah now....just because we listen to College hockey on the inernet doesn't mean were geeks!! Addicted may be a better description, never geeks. LOL

Sounds like York is going to have a very hard year. Congratulations to your team and good luck against Robert Morris and the rest of your season.

I'm going to have to start looking at hotels for our Nationals in March.

twig said...

11 to 1? Was the other team even there?

Drea said...

Poor York - their football team got beaten up earlier this season too *lol*