Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Isbister to Innsbruck?!

I really hope I won't bore everyone to tears with my rants, but ladies, I need your positive energies, your crossed fingers - and if any of you are into witchcraft or such, then please, DO SOMETHING!!!;) Remember my rant about Brad Isbister (Ex-Bruins, Ex-Canes?) This guy played for Innsbruck during the NHL-lockout - he came, scored and got us right into the Playoffs, we ended up being #2 that year.
Then this season he got sent to the 'Canes Farm Team where he obviously doesn't like to stay, he got in touch with the HCI's officials and told them he and especially his wife-to-be loved Innsbruck so much, they'd love to come back, play here, get married here, live here and raise their kids...
The HCI first claimed the don't have the money to pay Izzy - now they have, they got an extra sponsor and a special financial concept, just for Isbister to play here. See - what's not good enough for the NHL is definitely good enough for here. Our league is 3 classes worse than the NHL, and an ex-NHL-player is definitely always a superstar here.
Imagine that first line of ours with Todd Elik as center (501 NHL-games played, top-scorer and assist-giver of our league), and Brad Isbister - and we have some more good guys that would benefit so much from him. Actually our first line as well as the Powerplay-Special team would be unbeatable then - and added to that the joy to see Izzy play for us again!!! I swear, if he'd come, the HCI would sell a couple hundred (if not more) season's tickets and team's jerseys in an hour! They'd fill the Olympia Stadium once again, not just the "small" ice hall where we play currently!
Today's news say that it's now up to Izzy, the HCI is ready to buy him - and Izzy said he's ready to come over. So now, where's the problem?
Ladies, pleeeze keep your fingers crossed: Getting Izzy to play for us would be like a major win in the lottery!


twig said...

My fingers are crossed for HCI. I can see why Izzy would want to go back there. Definitely a gorgeous place to live.

barbp said...

Ditto to Twig. Keeping my fingers crossed for HCI. Your photos definitely show how majestic and beautiful it is to live there.