Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh Those Boys!

Another shoot out! Another victory! If this keeps up, my husband will have to learn CPR before the seasons through.

And ... another little hat, but my camera is at the office, so a photo will have to wait.

ps Oh Twig -- guess whose team is coming to Buffalo next week? Wanna have a little friendly wager? See who can knit the most during the game?


Not An Artist said...

*Sob* Congratulations Buffalo.

It was a good game, despite some rather uneven reffing at a few points which seemed to have favoured the Habs. My theory is that they felt so bad about the unfortunate calls by the refs that they allowed Buffalo a 'sympathy goal' and then it all just got out of hand... yeah, that's what happened.

twig said...

I gotta say, I was SURE the Habs had that game. Especially with a stream of multiple penalties against the Sabres.

We've got a week to come up with this little wager. *laugh* No matter. You're on!