Monday, October 23, 2006

Another win, another cap

Here's our lovely 'Tooth, modeling a Cap to the Capital in purple.

He's wondering when I'll get around to buying yarn in team colors, but he may have to wait a while.

The boys are doing fantastic (8-0), whodathunk, and I'm afraid to look down. Tonight, they play the 'Habs, but unfortunately it's one of those ratzenfratzen "Versus" network only broadcasts, so I'm stuck to audio, unless I can figure out how to watch on the computer.

Thought for the day: Hockey players play, what -- 83 games a year? 83 games of fast skating, board checking, play your guts out 3-4 times a week sporting activity. Football players play 12-14 games a year. I went to a NFL game once (Buffalo Bills) and was bored to tears. It was slow, the fans were more obnoxious and rude than I had ever seen at the Arena for a Sabres game, and I got altitude sickness from where I had to sit in the stadium.

But, they get paid a gazillion dollars a year! And a fair number of them are absolute idiots in their private lives, which soon become public with the stunts (some illegal) that they pull.

Our hockey players, on the other hand, must get any aggressive tendencies out on the ice, as I rarely hear about any of their antics. And in comparison, they get paid peanuts compared to their football counterparts.

Let's see: Hard working skaters v. guys who run a little, block a little, wait for a while ... 83 games v. 12 games ...

It ain't fair, is all I'm saying.


Not An Artist said...

Good luck tonight, although of course I have my fingers crossed for a Habs' win! I didn't realize what a great streak you guys were on, I'm torn between wanting to see a hot streak continue and wanting to see my team bring their A game like they did on Saturday.

KnittingJones said...

I'll forgive you for rooting for the 'Habs. You did design the cool button for our KAL afterall!

Now, if it was the Rangers ...

barbp said...

I totally hear you on the NFL NHL rivalry, et al. Of course it doesn't change the fact that I'm a die hard Denver Broncos fan, who are on top of the AFC West with no thanks to their offense. I think hockey takes a totally different kind of physical conditioning than football. If I had to go into a fight in a dark alley, give me a hockey player to help me any day over a football player.

BTW Jonesy, I believe that Twig was asking me to give up a dishcloth to someone to use as a crying towell. Can't figure out who she might have had in mind ;-}

twig said...

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, Barb. *laugh*