Sunday, October 08, 2006


Twig, how was that with that last Rangers game taking 10 years off your life? I can relate to that... I'm still shaking all over... HCI WON!!!! Thanks God for the Canadians - for all of them, but most especially for the ones that are playing for Innsbruck! They scoooored! But: What a killer game, the guys fought for every inch on the ice, never gave up - and got the Red Bulls 6:5 in the OT! Hah!!! Bye bye Bulls!

And to prove that I did something else than biting my finger- and toenails, here you go, this little nothing is the beginning of the first chemo-cap - I thought I'll start off with a darker color that'll suit everything fine and then head onto the more cheerful colors. Basic 3x3 rib, easy and quick work - perfect for hockey evenings ;)


barbp said...

Congrats Dipsy I'm so glad your team won. What a change from what you thought you were going to have this year!!! Exciting times. The start of your cap looks beautiful.

twig said...

YAY HCI! So glad to hear the season is going better than you'd feared.

I like that color for the hat. I'm more partial to earth colors.

KnittingJones said...

Nice hat -- when you do three, it'll be a hat trick! :)