Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Blogger totally acts up on me today, I hope my comments weren't posted twice or more ;(

Well, it's 5.45 am over here and I just read the news that Izzy will not come. Thank you, HCI! They let my Siklenka go to Sweden though he literally begged to play here, they didn't take Isbister who was on his knees as well and would have agreed to play for a lousy salary - I can't tell you how disappointed I am. And sad. And fed up.

This management sucks big time, they already got a lot of ex-die-hard-fans off hockey this season, and CM and me will be the next to not go to the stadium anymore. We're not willing to spend money for these ignorant, stupid, unable bunch of suckheads - it's not the team's fault of course, but just imagine if I'd see one of the managers next time in the stadium, I'd crash with them big time. Seriously.

So well, that's it. Sob.


twig said...

That stinks about Izzy but don't stop supporting the team. They're in 1st place!

barbp said...

Sorry to hear about Izzy and the "rats". But Twig is right, keep supporting the team no matter how bitter you are right now. You never know, maybe in a couple weeks someone even better may sign on.

Dipsy D. said...

Better than Izzy? Hm... Jagr??? But you girls are right, it's not the team's fault if the management screws everything up - though CM is reluctant right now to take me with him to the stadium again, he fears I might run across one of the management-guys and give them an earful... Happened before and will happen again... Oh well... ;)