Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi There

I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone and join you all in agreeing that I thought I was the only one with a hockey and knitting passion. Who knew there were more of us.
I am a huge hockey fan, all the way back to when I was a little girl and watched the Boston Bruins. Now, while still being a Bruins fan, I am an even bigger college hockey fan. We have season tickets to University of New Hampshire Men's Wildcat Hockey. We have been going to games and following the team since the late 90's, even going out to Anaheim, California for the National Championship. I also like the Minnesota Wild and am a big fan of Alexander Ovechkin. But my favorite hockey is the Midget and High School hockey that my son plays!
His HS coach is a former college player who played in France and I think Switzerland, but for Dipsy Doodle I need to find out exactly what teams he was on.
So, thanks for letting me in and I will get to work on finding the right charity. At the moment, we are making quilts to be auctioned off to raise money for our local school, but I am actively looking for knitting opportunities.
Will keep you posted and Good Luck to everyone's teams, at least for now, it's early in the season!!! :)


twig said...

Welcome to the Knitalong. I was surprised during last season when i kept running into other hockey loving knitters. I had thought I was alone.

Dipsy D. said...

Welcome! Wow, we're getting more and more, ain't this amazing?
Oh yes, I'd love to know where your son's coach used to play - if he played in Switzerland, he must be really good as their league is so much better than ours here in Austria!
And Ovechkin rules indeed - this guy blew me away at the Olympics and the Hockey World Cup - I was lucky enough to see a couple of the World Cup games last year here in Innsbruck and I was in hockey heaven! People like him (and Malkin) sure bring on the good ol' times when Russia served the world some of the best players!

judy said...

U-H-N! U-H-N! Sorry, I couldn't help it. Cornell fan here. I'm currently making plans to go down to FL for the xmas tourny. Cornell/UNH first round. I plan on continuing the knitting there.