Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Natured ribbing

After watching the Maple Leafs win in a nail biter shootout last night, we switched over to the Sabres shootout. Sorry for your loss Jonesy and Zarzuela but it had to happen sometime, just like my Broncos loss to the Colts today.

Well MFB, the Leafs fan in the house, had to mention a trivia tidbit that I debated on posting but because I like to get him into hot water, I just had to.

See he says that the Sabres record of ten wins at the beginning of the season tied them with the Maple Leafs wasn't a true tie because the Maple Leafs held the record in 93-94 of 10 games in regulation play with no overtimes or shootouts.

Please send your cards, letters and hatemail......


KnittingJones said...

Hmmmm -- where do you live :) I would expect that from a Leafs fan, having grown up in Niagara Falls NY and going to Canada was like crossing the street for me. Actually, the Leafs/Sabres games were my favorite to attend when I lived in Buffalo. Lots of good natured ribbing, half the arena filled with white and blue jerseys. And ... one of my favorite movies is "Canadian Bacon" -- you know, the hockey scene where the fans are so polite until John Candy (of all people) says "Canadian beer sucks"! LOL. Tell MFB I forgive him.

Zarzuela said...

Well it isn't a *real* loss if it was in overtime. ;)