Sunday, October 15, 2006

And they

Once more - HCI rules! I can't believe it, they play dirty and bad hockey, no defense, without Todd Elik they're simply not there, and yet they win. But hell, who cares? My Mike looses in Sweden, perhaps he'll get kicked out in December and comes to Innsbruck *dream a little dream....* Anyhoo, watched the "Best of" of the Rangers-Sabres-game - kill me Twig, but the Sabres were the better team indeed... Hm... Yay for Vanek, but next time Pöck will show the world that Austria is the true hockey nation (*evil-stupid-half-drunken-laughter*)
Just came back from the stadium, in the last 5 minutes all the people (ALL!) were standing up, clapping their hands and cheering - oh my gosh, did I ever get goosebumps with that (oops? I've read that somewhere... whether it's the correct phrase or not, I'll see, I suppose...)
Next entry you'll see some real knitting contecnt, I swear - I've been knitting one more chemo cap like mad... Yes!!!


twig said...


*crosses Dipsy off the holiday gift list*

barbp said...

Congrats Dipsy....

Twig that's so cold. LOL

Kristen said...

yes, it's ok to get goosebumps :)

I'm so glad it's hockey season again. SOOO glad. Yay, Blue Jackets!