Sunday, October 15, 2006

Buffalo Won!

Well well, what can I say? doesn't have the game-recap on video yet, but I'm pretty sure that the better team won! Thumbs up, Twig, there'll be a couple more games, and woah, score by Shanahan and assist by Jagr, this must have been a true dream goal!

For me as a pretty neutral NHL-fan (or neutral I try to be) this was an interesting game indeed as our two only Austrians in the NHL met last night - I mean, Austria is certainly not a hockey-country, so having two lads playing in the NHL is certainly something to be proud of for us here. Thomas Pöck (NYR) is still searching for his place in hockey heaven it seems, but Thomas Vanek (Buffalo) has already found it, no? Did he have some time on the ice at all last night? And what about Pöck? Cool indeed, and yay Susan for the Sabres - I would have loved to see the happy dance you did! ;)


twig said...

The better team didn't win. The Sabres did. *laugh*

Yep, Pock played and did well. But the announcer guy kept mispronouncing his name which drove me batty.

Dipsy D. said...

Good for Pöck! ;) He'd better go and get a screen name for himself, these ä's and ö's and ü's of our German names aren't that good to go with overseas ;)

Zarzuela said...

The better team won indeed!! The Sabres skated circles around those Rangers who looked like they may have been snow blind or something. ;) Sorry Twig. Stay away from the asprin, ok? We still have a lot more hockey to play this year... but don't expect us Buffalo fans not to enjoy this just a bit. ;)


twig said...

Oh I forgot there was another one of you people here. *laugh*

barbp said...

This is too much fun for me watching you guys dance!!!