Thursday, October 26, 2006

Favorite Hockey Movies

The addition of Tammy to the list made me think of one of my favorite hockey movies of all time --- "Mystery Alaska", so I thought it would be fun to post about each of our picks.

Here's mine:

Slapshot Man oh man did I laugh. It's just as good now as it was when it first came out in the '70s.

Miracle Saw it twice. The spouse actually took me on Valentine's Day, which was a wonderful gesture on his non-hockey loving part. Kurt Russell in that plaid sportcoat was priceless.

Happy Gilmore Okay, maybe not a traditional hockey movie, but fun.

Your picks?


Dipsy D. said...

Miracle, definitely. That's hockey as it was, good ol' f** dirty hockey - not that sissy-stuff that's going on nowadays with this zero-tolerance thing... And Kurt Russell did an amazing job - his best as I see it!
Mystery Alaska was totally sweet too, I loved to see the guys skating for their lives, and gosh, this was one of the two roles in which Russell Crowe played where he looked to die for (yeah, Gladiator is the other...) Yummy stuff!

barbp said...

Slap Shot is definitely my favorite. I'm a bad hockey fan, I "still" haven't seen Miracle. Mystery Alaska was good, but Slap Shot is one of those movies like Young Frankenstein and Monthy Python Holy Grail that I love to watch every year.

Sherri said...

I LOVE Miracle! My daughter & I went to see it at the theater & then she got the DVD for Christmas. Mystery Alaska is a hoot & I luv Russell Crowe!!! Anyone remember Young Blood ... not great, but a hockey movie none the less ...