Thursday, October 05, 2006

Go Sabres!!!!!!!!!!

3-2 over the Cup Champions in a shoot out! I love those boys.

And I love knitting! Right now I'm doing "Caps to the Capital" for my charity project -- it's through "Save the Children" -- you knit preemie hats and they get sent to the White House to educate GW on the needs of third-world, our world, undernourished and health challenged babies.

One cap per game is my goal -- hmmm, maybe in team colors?

PS Twig -- my butt has been on trial. But (hee hee) it's back now!


twig said...

Was your butt found guilty?

KnittingJones said...

My butt kicked ass!

Zarzuela said...

Go Sabres!!! What the heck is up with the 'Canes not selling out the night they raise the banner?! Umm... hello?! Hockey anyone?! ;)