Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Wow for a pretty boring game, I'm pretty happy.

Leafs (husbands team) scored the first goal of the game about 2 minutes into the first period, but the Avalanche (my team) came from behind to win 4-1 including 3 goals in 8 shots. I think the Leafs should have actually had two goals, but the ref lost sight of the puck in the crease: but the puck was in the net and then the ref blew the whistle. It was even reviewed but the determination was the ref meant to blow the whistle when he lost sight of the puck which was before the puck crossed the line.

Even though I predicted there would be impassioned discussions of our favorite players' skills and talents, there were no raised voices, no extension of single digits, and no muttered expletives. Respect reigned supreme.

'Tis only the beginning of the season.


Drea said...

ARGH! It was only 2-1 when I was coming home from stitch'n'bitch tonight... *grrr* ;)

twig said...

Glad to hear y'all survived the night. *laugh*

Saturday is Toronto v NYR. I trust you'll root for the NYR. *snicker*

Drea, the way the Rangers have been playing it should be an easy win for your guys.

Dipsy Doodle said...


Drea said...

Twig - I never assume an easy win for the Leafs ;) (Well okay, sometimes when they're playing Buffalo, but that's another matter *G*)