Thursday, October 19, 2006


OK, girls, I won't mention that Jagr lived near my parents when he played for Pittsburgh... ;o)

Thanks for the warm welcome to the group! It's so great to get back into hearing hockey talk! Love it, love it, love it!! (and DH has to get used to all the yelps and cheers again while I watch the games)

The one really sad thing about hockey in Pittsburgh, is that Pittsburgh never really was nor ever really be a hockey town. This town is owned by the Steelers. I was so happy when Mario joined the team, because (besides being really cool to watch), it helped step up the popularity of the game here (and the Stanley Cups didn't hurt, either). Unfortunately, when he left, so did a lot of fans.

What's disappointing is to see how the city views them. The Pens play in a crumbing, antiquated arena, and while both the Steelers and Pirates (*that* was a total waste of money) got shiny, new stadiums, the Pens have not.

Oh, well, enough rant...It's a hockey night!


twig said...

Are the Pens going to stay in Pittsburgh now that they've been bought by someone who doesn't have ties to Pittsburgh? I've heard that the team is likely to move unless they get a new arena.

Singular Stitches said...

That's been the story for a number of years now. When Mario owned the team, that was a big mission of his.

The local news is reporting that the new owner really wants to keep the team in Pittsburgh, but with the way this city is, I wouldn't be surprised that the Pens eventually leave because the city is unwilling to help with a new arena.

I'd hate to see them go, but it might be the very best thing for them if they moved to a real hockey-loving town!

barbp said...

Here's wishing that Pittsburgh can say "Beware the Penguins" for a long time to come.