Sunday, October 22, 2006

Consolation Gift

In case you don't read my normal blog, pop on over there to see the nice and thoughtful consolation gift Jonesy sent me to make me feel better about the Rangers loss to the Sabres last week. I would post the picture here, but the picture needs to be really large so you can see the nice little handwritten notes that accompanied the gifts.

My husband found it quite amusing. And between my bouts of giggles I started plotting my revenge.

In other news, sorry BFB (Barb's Favorite Blogger) and Drea. The Rangers beat the Leafs tonight to finally put an end to our 3 game losing streak.


barbp said...

I was popping back and forth from the Av's game to yours. Looked like it was a good game. Matts looked asleep in the shootout.

Congrats...I'm not sure if MFB saw the game or not.

Drea said...

The loss was painful, but more painful because the Leafs can't seem to win when they get to a shootout *sigh* They'd better start soon or they'll be in deep trouble!