Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi there, and Let's Go Pens!

Hello! My name is Lynn (Singular Stitches) and I'm a new addition to this KAL, and finding this KAL is perfect timing. I used to watch every Pens hockey game (being able to go see Mario Lemieux play in his prime was indeed a treat). Some time around planning my wedding (which was over 8 years ago!), I was just too busy and got away from hockey. Every year, I'd have great intentions but never actually sat down to watch a game. I decided that THIS year, I'd get back into watching, but also just started classes this term, so I missed the first 4 or so games and would probably have started watching 'next season'.

I watched the Pens-Devils game this evening, and although we lost, it was really cool to watch a game again (and it was a great game). It was as if I didn't take an 8-year holiday.

During the game, I made a Kitty Snugglie. Remember a few years ago when Wendy (of Wendy Knits!) and some other knitters led a Critter Knitters KAL? There is a charity website that offers direction for crafters who want to craft for their furry friends by making blankets for animals in shelters across the US (and maybe Canada?) called the Hugs for Homeless Animals: Snuggles Project which may have been an offshoot from (or inspiration for?) Critter Knitters.

I found a local shelter on the Snuggles website and will be making Snugglies during the Pens games I watch. The one I made tonight is crochet (yes, I know this is a knitting KAL :o) but I happened to have the correct crochet needle handy and didn't feel like searching through my knitting needles.

Appropriately, my first Snugglie has some Pens colors...

My other crafty pursuits (and kitties) are on my blog, Singular Stitches.

Let's go Pens!

And it's been too funny seeing the Jagr/Rangers comments here. Last time I remember seeing him play, he was a young'un just off the boat, with this long locks flying out behind him. (and wearing a Pens uniform!... :o)


Dipsy D. said...

Hello and welcome! Oh heavens, getting to see Lemieux on the ice, how cool is that? I'm a Mario-nut since I can remember and will always be - what a man! What a player! Unfortunately I never got to see him play "live" and have to do with a bunch of videos - but these I love! Gosh, that line with Lemieux and that cute long haired Jagr - heaven, really!
So, though I always try to be a more or less neutral NHL-follower, the Pens have always been a bit closer to my heart (yes Twig, the Rangers too ;) - and I'm way curious to see what Sid the Kid and Malkin will be up to this year, what a line up!!!
Love your snugglie by the way!

BUBUKITI said...

Hi Lynn.

Welcome. Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. My Islander's are playing your Pen's tommorrow, but don't worry, it's probably going to go better for you than it is for me (and if it does I'm ok with that too, I love Sid the Kid and I really do like the Pen's). But, if it's anything like the Baby Pen's/Baby Isle's game I went to on Saturday, it's not going to end well for us either.

twig said...

Just don't be lusting after my Jaromir. Usually as soon as the game is over, NHL Center Ice will kill the connection to the broadcaster who broadcasted the game. Tonight it was the MSG channel that aired the Rangers game, but for some reason the connection stayed alive through the post game show. And ... he had RAZOR STUBBLE. I love razor stubble.

KnittingJones said...

Welcome Pen-guinis fan! I was lucky enough to see SuperMario in several games against the Sabres and (almost) didn't mind when he scored!

And Twig -- I'm with you on the stubble.

barbp said...

Welcome to you. Definitely some Pens colors you have there. Living in Central PA between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia when people talk hockey here it's either Pens or Flyers. I'm surrounded by Pens fans *giggle*

Good luck to your team this year. I haven't picked up my counted cross stitch in awhile, you have some very nice things there.

barbp said...

Damn - did I just there umpteen times?!? I'm such a noodge. LOL

Zarzuela said...

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the group! :)