Friday, October 13, 2006

First Cap is finito!

Well... I've finished the first chemo cap, my first cap ever ;)

Now I have to do the same one for CM as that's obviously the cap he wanted for ages - fine with me, I had a ball of this yarn left so I already cast on for #2 - and hey, there's a lot more caps to do, I'm getting addicted to them and there's so many gorgeous patterns out there!

In hockey news, I've found a page that translates Swedish into English/German - the results of these translations are really ridiculous, but at least I could read that the guys up there in the north are getting hysterical about Siklenka coming to play for them - one of the guys there who played with him in Austria said something about a "gorgeous, huge guy" (yeah!) who's "very kind and generous" (oy!) and has a "deadly shot"... Hmh, they'll have a lot of fun with him there ;)

Innsbrucks teams' management drives me insane once more these days - Brad Isbister (Ex-Boston Bruins, Ex-Carolina Hurricanes) said he'd love to play here again, he doesn't want to stay in the Canes' Farm Team where he is now and obviously enjoyed his time in Innsbruck so much - but the HCI mumbled something about no money... For heaven's sake, they *have* the money, plus with Izzy alone they'd be sold out till the end of the season, the cash he'd bring would be definitely more than the cash spent on him. Blah. DUH! *Shakes head in total disbelief* *Stops ranting now*

And finally I found a German TV-channel who broadcasts NHL-games in the middle of the night - not regularly unfortunately, but at least I get to see a bit of the great hockey from overseas and could enjoy the last Rangers' game - woah, what a goal by Jagr! I'm not too impressed with the Rangers' goalie though, what do you think about him, Twig?

Hope you're all having a great time - yay for a couple amazing games this weekend!


KnittingJones said...

Great cap! And I love the description of the "yummy" player. I'm constantly daydreaming of ways to get into the Sabres locker room. "Anyone in there need an attorney?" Think that would work?

twig said...

Despite the last couple of games, Lundquist is a very good goalie. He can normally pull saves out of nowhere. I'm not sure what's been going on. His goals against this season so far is ridiculous. The score on that game was ridiculously high for both teams. So far this season, we've had high scoring games (for both teams). *shrug* Not to mention, he's sorta cute.

But I'm developing a crush on Jagr. I wonder if an 8 year age difference makes me too old for him. *laugh*

twig said...

Oops, I got carried away. Really cute hat.

barbp said...

Heah Twig, "get em young and raise em right" Did I say that?

Dipsy great hat and CM has good taste! Good for you for finding the channel that broadcasts the NHL..

Dipsy D. said...

LOL - this attorney-needing thing is a *very* good idea - after all, a few hits on the ice and probably every player was in need - or will be - of an attorney one day or the other!
And Twig, who cares about a bit of an age difference - Barb just said it perfectly ;))) I had a total crush on Jagr last year during the World Cup, my biggest tragedy was that his team played in Vienna only, and there were a couple days when I was very close to just jumping into the next plane and flying there to get to see that guy! Didn't do it, *sob*, but I was so blown away by him, felt like a 14-year-old girl again, butterflies in my tummy and all that. Hahhh, it's good to feel young again, I love that! ;)
Well Twig - he's single... *hint hint* ;)