Saturday, October 07, 2006

A win and a loss

Congratulations to Michele and her Habs as they beat MFB's Leafs in the 4th round of the shootout. Of course the Habs have my ex Avalanche goalie Aebischer minding the net!! I forgot he was traded in March.

Our Penn State Icers won their first game of the regular season against Washington/Jefferson tonight, it's an away game and I decided not to travel. I've been watching the Leafs while listening to MFB's broadcast on the internet. It's hard to knit when your ears are listening to one game while your eyes are trying to watch a game and watch the needles. So far I only had to fix one mistake. LOL

Driving home from dinner last night I remembered my satellite radio has hockey coverage, so I found another place for hockey and knitting (if MFB is driving of course).

Tomorrow is game two for Penn State, the Leafs are off and Vancouver visits Denver to take on the Av's. Ahhhhhh, hockey - isn't life great??

Hope everyone's teams is doing as well as Michele's.


twig said...

Listening to one game, watching another AND knitting? *laugh* I'd hate to think what my knitting would look like.

Not An Artist said...

Wow. That is hardcore!