Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

to all my Canadian family and friends.

Penn State Icers lost on Sunday to Robert Morris in Pittsburgh on Sunday 6-0. Robert Morris is a NCAA team while the Icers are an ACHA leaque. Not surprising that they lost but 6-0? Ouch. MFB's bus trip home with the team was a bit subdued. This next weekend we have a game Friday night and one on Sunday since the Penn State Nittany Lion football team has a home game on Saturday. The Sunday game will be a bit emotional as it is against Navy and there will be ceremonies honoring the armed forces.

The Av's won last night. And looked pretty darn good to me as they came from behind a couple of times to win, and it didn't even go into OT. Right now we are watching the Leafs and my Denver Broncos are about to kickoff for Monday Night Football. The new receiver that was installed on Saturday with Picture in Picture is going to be put to good use this winter!

Remember how I said that MFB (husband, My Favorite Blogger) was a Leafs fan and I an Av's but we generally will cheer on the others team? Well wait for Wednesday October 18 at 7:30 EST. Uh, Dipsy you may hear he and I exchanging "pleasantries" and familial "compliments" all the way in Austria that night. LOL

I'll post a picture of progress on my hat on next post.


judy said...
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judy said...

I'm out of it. Didn't realize this was the year Robert MOrris goes full fledged D1. We play them later this month.
I also got some NHL offseason move shocks. Like...Jose Theodore now plays for Colorado? I thought I was watching the wrong game last night when it first started and they were talking about the Luongo/Theodore matchup.

Drea said...

*lol* I still go through that with my ex-bf (we're still friends)... We had the Sabres/Leafs "argument" every time they played, and still do - there's sure to be a "GOOOOAAAAALLLLL" IM'd to the other when our team scores during Buffalo/TO games ;)

Dipsy D. said...

LOL ;) I'll keep my ears open ;) I'll even be able to watch this game, hallelujah! Remember that our PayTV-channel cut the NHL-broadcasts? I found a German channel now that shows at least some of the games Live (=in the middle of the night over here), and they have that particular game on their schedule! Yay for that and mind you, I can't wait to watch it! And it'll be an honour for me to cheer for the Avs (don't tell YFB, LOL ;)