Thursday, October 19, 2006

12th Commandment?

Oh heavenly hockey deity, and fellow knitalongers, I realize I have been smug and have violated the 12th Commandment of Hockey -- Thou shalt not be too confident early in the season. I know that I have been wrong many many times before, and that pride goeth before the cross-check. I know it is inevitable that my boys will get tired, fail to block the puck, and that Sabretooth will be sad.

So forgive my eagerness, but the desire to covet the Cup is strong and I am weak.

your humble servant,



twig said...

*snicker* Revenge will be mine. Ok, maybe not mine considering the way the Rangers are playing but that sounds better than "Revenge will be someone else's"

barbp said...

Twig it looks like my team wouldn't be able to carry your stick into battle until March, so I can't help.

Jonesy it looks like your safe. For Now. *laugh*

Of course if either of you are familiar with Monty Python - "Come back here, 'tis only a flesh wound"

twig said...

You know the old saying. Better late than never.