Monday, October 30, 2006

It was inevitable ...

that the mighty would fall. But to the Thrashers??? Who's team emblem is a little brown bird? sigh

But as the boys themselves say, their eyes are on the prize and it was just another game.

Thanks to all who rooted for my team -- I'll be sure to return the favor, unless, of course, it's the playoffs!

PS The hats are off to Save the Children today; this month I'm moving on to the VA Project for our local hospital.


Zarzuela said...

I refuse to believe it. It's not a *real* loss. They just didn't necessarily win! ;)


barbp said...

The Leafs just beat the Thrashers for ya, of course they have some type of undefeated "record" with them. Now, had Atlanta put the pressure on during the whole game the way they did during the last few minutes of the game, they might have won.

Darcy Tucker was going for the hat trick but missed it. Darn.