Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Rangers beat the Devils last night and I completed the first sock of the charity pair I'm making. The Rangers looked like my boys again.

You know what makes me happy? Other than the fact it means we won, I just like the way the Rangers salute the fans after a win by going to the center of the ice and raising their sticks.

In other sock news, the payoff for the evil Jonesy has been purchased and packaged up. Every fiber (fiber, get it?) of my being shudders to think perfectly good sock yarn is going to be residing in a Sabres infested house.


barbp said...

That's a cool way to salute the fans! As well they should.

Infested?!? That's too funny.

Dipsy D. said...

This "saluting the fans"-thing is something so great, I really love that too - now I know that "getting goosebumps" was the right expression, you know what I get with that ;) After all it's their fans who pay their salaries and who push them to win, so a little thanks is definitely welcome!
I'm glad to see the Rangers winning now, they do have a dream team this year and will make it far, very far - looking forward to that!