Saturday, October 14, 2006

Masters of the Shoot Out!

My oh my. I think I need heart medication. How sweet the victory, especially because it was a "Czech Mate" -- shooting the puck past Mr. Sour Grapes himself, Dominik Hasek. We rule! (hear that Twig? Tonight's the night!)

And ... as Caps to the Capital only lasts until Jan. 7th, I made a chemo cap last night -- a wild and crazy one. My local knitting group meets at the library, and instead of charging us for the meeting room, they just ask that we choose a charity, so we make and replenish a supply of chemo caps for the local hospital. I'm going to do another one tonight, that is, in between the many goals Buffalo will be scoring against the Rangers.


twig said...

You're becoming quite the hat making machine.

After tonight you'll be showing a bit more respect towards the Czechs, missy.

Keep your fingers crossed that moths didn't get into the retro sweaters your guys will be wearing tonight!

My favorite color is green. Though earth tones are nice, too.

barbp said...

I do so love sitting back and watching you two dance *laugh*...

Great hat you made there it's so cheery, which is perfect and what's needed for chemo patients. Good for you.

twig said...

ARGH!!! The game is about to start and Weekes is our goalie. *sigh*