Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hi All!!!

Hi All.

I just wanted to send a quick Hello!!! I'm a New York Islander's fan and Bridgeport Soundtiger's Fan (the Isle's AHL affiliate) and season ticket holder (hey a 10 minute drive beats a 90 minute drive anyday)

This now gives me an opportunity to do something that I've wanted to do for a while and now I can't procrastinate. I'm going to knit for Warm Up America.

Hope everyone enjoys the hockey season it's going to be a long one. All I can say is the Islander's won their home opener with the back up goalie, since the $67million boy is out with a groin pull, wow it really is going to be a long season, that goodness, I can bring my knitting to the games, it keeps me sane....well kinda.

Let's go Islander's
Happy Knitting.

Vikki :-)


barbp said...

Welcome - it's so great to see how many of us are out there.

KnittingJones said...

Well, the Islanders are kind of like Buffalo-East -- you have Nolan as coach, Zhitnik and Satan (I still wear my Buffalo Satan jersey!). Welcome!

twig said...

I'll forgive you for being an Islanders fan. Just don't tell anyone. *laugh*

Dipsy D. said...

Welcome! Oh, if your back up goalie does so fine, you wouldn't mind if your #1-goalie'd play for us here in the meantime? For free of course? We're in dire need here of someone who doesn't break his legs when he skates out of the goal ;)