Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bee Happy!

Is this not the cutest hat? It's adapted from the Bee Hive adult hat in S-n-B Nation. Makes me want to go out a find a baby to put it on, now!

And why are we happy?????? 9-1! Even though I couldn't watch it, I listened. My oh my, with all the talent on the Flyers team, they just sucked!

(doing the victory dance around the office)


twig said...

9 to 1???? Holy heck. And I thought we lost badly to you guys.

You didn't get OLN/Versus on your Dish? Or was it blacked out? OLN/VS is pretty much part of all basic packages.

barbp said...

9-1????? Ditto Twigs comment.

That hat is adorable!!

Back to the domestic, erm, hockey game.