Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thirteen goals in one game - whodathunkit?

I've listened to and watched so many games in the last couple of days I'm starting to loose track - plus there's football.

Penn State Icers are in Youngstown OH for the ACHA Showcase. They lost 3-5 on Friday against the OK Sooners and they won today against Minot State 7-0 with Nick Signet in the net getting his first shut out and the game puck. Tomorrow they take on Weber State before comming home.

MFB's Leafs defeated the Blue Jackets (sorry Kristen) on Friday 4-2 and they lost a tough one, in a shoot out, to the Rangers 5-4 (congrats Lesley) tonight.

The Avalanche game tonight was a roller coaster for me. They scored two goals about two minutes apart and then a couple minutes later a third than the Habs turned it on and from there it was goal after goal, including the Habs scoring five of their goals in the third. Final score Habs win 8-5 over the Av's. 8-5!!! Sheesh. 13 goals in total. I don't know if I've ever seen that before. Congratulations Michelle.


twig said...

Yeah, since Center Ice was showing the Rangers game against Toronto on a Canadian channel, they kept us updated on the Av v Habs. The score seemed to just explode in the 3rd.

Not An Artist said...

Too bad about that score, although in all fairness we didn't exactly steal your goalie, we tricked you out of him ;)

barbp said...

THIEF ..... THIEF!!!!